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18 August 2011 @ 01:21 am
vocaloid; フキゲンワルツ (fukigen waltz - sullen waltz)  

Original upload
Original lyrics

Lyrics: OSTER project
Music: OSTER project
Sung by: Hatsune Miku

Hey, listen, there's someone I like
It's a love so round and pretty like a glass ball, but...
Hey, are you angry? You're speaking so harshly
If we keep playing around like this, the scratch wounds aren't going to heal

We don't have the slightest ill will
Not at all, but why am I crying?

Just an honest heart and pretty-sounding words
Aren't enough to make things go well, I know, but I don't understand!
Even though I'm such a weakling, I try to pretend to be strong
In front of me, you hum
A sullen song

Today again, there's a tense mood in the air
I'm walking just behind you, notice me!
Our fingertips suddenly touch, and there's the faint smell of your hair
Together with a quickening heartbeat, a strange feeling came over me, so

In surprise, I flinched and from my hand
The glass ball slipped and fell

The chiffon cake at 3 o'clock was more bitter than usual
The broken glass pieces were coloured by my tears
I laugh uselessly as usual
Strung along by you, I hum
A sullen song

I try to leave all the sadness and pain behind
Someday, maybe I can sing next to you, with you
While smiling,
A sullen song


1. I had the hardest time translating "フキゲン". I can't find an English word that describes it perfectly- it's basically the state of being in a bad mood, not feeling happy, that sort of thing. I was going to use "uncheerful" but that's such a strange word. "Glum" is weird too. "Sullen song" has alliteration so I used it...
2. Took a lot of liberties with the language and phrasing, lol. It's mostly line-by-line, but not entirely direct, plus I took a stab at guessing a bunch of pronouns. And the punctuation. Yes.
3. "Together with a quickening heartbeat" - this line bugs me so much. :I

If you spot any translation errors or have a better way of phrasing things, please let me know!