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21 April 2012 @ 12:13 am
niconico indies; 拝啓ミザリー (haikei misery; dear misery)  

Original upload

Lyrics: Death Ohagi
Music: Death Ohagi
Sung by: Kogeinu and Nodoame

Translation (singable)

Just how much longer am I going to keep wishing for; I've even stopped moving on
I know so well it won't come true no matter what I do; I still reached out to you

"I'm not reaching you now," I said under my breath
Loud enough, so that you'd hear it well
All you did was just smile sadly right back at me
I thought I had once known you before

And I am helpless as the day goes by me; nothing I can do
While I keep making you my reason, always, time and time again
But even in my dreams I find there isn't anything that I can change at all
And if I turn around
There's just a pair of broken wings and only pain that's here to stay
You are the one who made me who I am; I owe this much to you:
I will accept all this someday
So we can meet again with joy

Changing so fast before my eyes, so quickly I can't catch up is "someone so precious to me"
I know so well it won't come true no matter what I do; I still made you a promise

In the passing days I could not find
Anything I could keep hoping for
Even though I say I have become much stronger
All I've done is let rust grow on me

However much I wish for them to come true, all these dreams, not one has been made real
All I can hope for is that they will for once, light a flame in my heart
I know that when the light goes they will for sure, reach you there far away, far away
They will, someday...

And I am helpless as the days go by me; nothing I can do
But I'll stop making you the reason, always, time and time again
I'll show you in my own failed dreams; I'll hold you, tighter than before and won't let go
Dear my misery

With just a pair of broken wings, even with pain that's here to stay
You are the one who made me who I am; repay this debt I shall:
I will accept all this right now, so we can laugh together

Someday at the end, at the very end
When I say goodbye to you, that moment in time

All the times I've seen, always in my dreams, somewhere I wished for, wanted to be there-
Let's go to see, just two of us together now
Dear my misery


1. A couple of Death Ohagi's comments (found in the song download zip):
- If you could read the title as "Dear Misery"...
- If you were to replace "you" (in the song) with your complexes, trauma, some other unfortunate situation...that is, if you replace it with your miseries I think it would get the message in the lyrics across.
I hope in this world where there's probably more misery than happiness, you can live smiling for even just a little longer.

2. The lines correspond to the lyrics exactly. I tried to match the number of syllables/notes and accenting so the phrasing is a bit awkward in parts...but it's a pretty close translation, and definitely right on the syllables (might need to experiment, I can't think of a good way to indicate the accenting). I should probably do a more accurate (to the meaning) translation as well...I had a bit of poetic license with some lines (mostly rearranging/adding a bit of extra meaning but not so much of changing outright).
3. I was inspired by Le Ton beau de Marot (Douglas Hofstadter) to attempt a syllabically(?) accurate translation ahahah. And because I'm also a nut about getting the accenting right when a song is translated...yeah. It's a pity I couldn't seem to make it better to sing (using more open vowel sounds at the ends rather than -ed and other stopping sounds)...

If you spot any translation errors or have a better way of phrasing things, please let me know!